Diet and Nutrition

spacerIf you had a stone in your shoe that was making your foot hurt, what would you do? Would you take a drug to relieve the pain? Would you have surgery to cut the nerves sending the pain signals to your brain? Or would you simply take off your shoe and remove the stone?

As a Nutritional Therapist I help you to find that stone.

Are You?
- Suffering from symptoms of ill health? Cardiovascular disorders {IBS,Colitis, Candida, Coeliacs disease} Menopause, PMS, Cystitis, Skin conditions-Eczema,Psoriasis,Acne,Fatigue,Allergies,Migraines,Diabetes?
- Wanting to optimise your energy levels?
- Looking to increase your sports performance?
- Eager to achieve and maintain an ideal body weight?
- Seeking to have a healthy old age?
- Keen to find out if you are getting all the nutrients you need?
If so then you have come to the right place.


We’ve heard it before! However, its worth repeating because the human body really is built from the things it gets from food: water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet is the foundation to health and well-being. Nutrients are obtained through the diet and required for our bodies to function at its most optimum. If we do not provide our body with adequate nutrition, we increase the risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes,obesity,cancer,strokes and heart disease and high blood pressure.

Healthy eating doesnt mean that any foods are completely banned or that others are obligatory. In order to maximise health and minimise the risk of disease you need to achieve nutritional balance. That means you dont need to restrict foods, you dont need to live in ‘nutritional purgatory’ and sometimes a little of what you fancy does you good!

Nutrients are required to build, maintain and repair tissues. They provide energy,build our immunity, support brain function, help eliminate waste and bone formation,improve your mood and concentration levels and do everything else natural to a living body.


These are nutrients that the body uses in relatively large quantities, consisting of protein, fat,carbohydrates and fibre.


These are nutrients that the body uses in smaller quantities and consist of vitamins and minerals.

A well balanced supply of both help to maintain health and allow the body to function at its best. The greater the variety of foods that you eat, the more likely that your diet contains all the essential nutrients that you need to be healthy.

A healthy diet should consist of:

- Plenty of fruit and vegetables
- Wholegrain rice,pasta,quinoa,oats
- Protein rich foods such as fish,chicken,lean meat,eggs,legumes, nuts and seeds

CARBOHYDRATES are the main energy source for the body, providing it with energy for bodily processes such as digestion and assimilation of food, muscle exertion and heat production. They also assist in your body’s absorption of calcium and may help lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure.

Carbohydrates can be classified into two groups- Simple and Complex.

SIMPLE carbohydrates provide quick energy bursts, found in foods such as honey, sweets, fruit juices and refined grains. These cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly and give quick bursts of energy but only for short periods. Once used up, blood sugar levels fall as do our energy levels.

COMPLEX carbohydrates provide a slower controlled release of energy, therefore maintaining energy and blood sugar levels for longer. They are excellent sources of fibre and found in foods such as: unrefined grains, wholegrain cereals, brown rice and pasta,seeds,pulses and fruit and vegetables.


Your body uses proteins to build new cells, maintain tissues and put together new proteins that make it possible for you to perform basic bodily functions.

Protein is essential for your ability to see, think, hear and move. Its essential for growth, repair and maintenance of body tissues, to carry nutrients around the blood stream and to body cells and for hormone production.

Protein plays a key role in the development of hair and nails and is vital for building and repairing muscle.

Food sources include:
Lean meat
Legumes ( alfalfa, clover, peas, beans,lentils,lupins,peanuts


Fat is fundamental to regulate body temperature, provide insulation, protect internal organs from damage and to transport fat soluble vitamins around the body.

Fats are a component of cell membranes and organs, however not all fats are the same and the different types can affect our health. Good fats contain many nutrients needed to keep our bodies healthy.Despite the fact that many people think their diet is already too full of fat, research shows that we do not eat enough good fats.


The way I work is to create a Nutritional Programme for you that’ll help you to address your health concerns through what you eat. Along the way you’ll also learn about how your body reacts to the nutrients,vitamins and minerals you give it. So, you can make better day to day choices about what to eat in the future too.

As a Therapist my aims are to:

- Identify and address the causes and not necessarily the symptoms of your health concerns

- Encourage you to provide your body with the optimum conditions necessary to allow natural healing within the body

- Help educate you about foods and supplements that’ll help you maintain health and prevent disease

- Enable you to make better choices so you can maintain your own optimum health


Your first consulatation will last about 60 minutes. During this time, I aim to take your medical history, understand any health concerns you may have, review your current diet and discuss any nutritional advice with you.

Your second consulation will also take around an hour. At this I will provide you with a Nutritional programme thats been created specifically for you. So, we can discuss how you can make changes to your diet and lifestyle to address the issues that you’ve highlighted.

After the second consulation you can book additional sessions whenever you want help with monitoring your progress or to discuss further concerns that you’d like assistance with.


First Consultation - £50

Second Consultation with Individual tailored Programme - £45

Additional Consultations - £45


Call Sarah on 07757 218696 or email to book an appointment. GIFT VOUCHERS ALSO AVAILABLE. Payments accepted - cash, cheque, paypal, credit card.

quotemark I just want to thank you Sarah!! The nutritional plan has transformed my life.. 
I now see food in a completely new light, my IBS has gone!! 
Thank you! quotemark

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